Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

  • Why You Might Wish To Skip The Shallow End In Your Pool

    When you're adding an in-ground pool to your backyard, the pool's depth is something that you'll need to discuss with your pool company. Many people love the functionality that a shallow end offers, but you might not necessarily be among this group. Think about how you'll use the pool to decide if a shallow end is right for you. In some scenarios, you may decide to forego a shallow end—or to go with a shallow end that covers just a small percentage of the pool.

  • You Have Choices In Pool Fences, But They Must Be Built To Comply With Safety Codes

    If you're building an inground pool in your backyard, you may be required to install a pool fence too. Local codes or your insurance company may require a fence, and even if they don't, a fence is a good idea since it keeps your kids safe and your pets out of the pool. Here are some options in pool fences you might like to consider. Glass Fence A tempered glass fence is an attractive option for a pool fence.

  • Getting Ready For Summer With Hot Tubs And Designing Outdoor Spaces For A Spa Installation

    As summer gets closer, you may be thinking about adding a spa to your outdoor spaces. There are several things to consider for the design of the space and the type of hot tub you have installed. The hot tub can be recessed or a deck and skirt can surround it. There are also options like the size, jets, and power consumption. The following hot tub installation ideas are some things you may want to consider to get ready for summer.

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Adding Value to My Home

My husband and I are considering selling our small brick home in the near future. While we’ve completed some work on this house recently, we know we will need to do a few more things before we put it on the market. For instance, we need to replace some of the flooring, paint some of the walls, and replace some of the siding on the front porch. In addition, we may want to add a pool to the backyard. Because we live in the hot southern United States, many of our neighbors have pools. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of pools to install in a home you may sell in the near future. Enjoy!