Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

Why You Might Wish To Skip The Shallow End In Your Pool

Irene Montgomery

When you're adding an in-ground pool to your backyard, the pool's depth is something that you'll need to discuss with your pool company. Many people love the functionality that a shallow end offers, but you might not necessarily be among this group. Think about how you'll use the pool to decide if a shallow end is right for you. In some scenarios, you may decide to forego a shallow end—or to go with a shallow end that covers just a small percentage of the pool. Here are some reasons that the shallow end may not be a priority to you.

Lap Swimming

If you expect that you'll swim laps in your pool as a regular form of exercise, you may wish to skip the addition of a shallow end. While it's possible to swim when the water is shallow, doing so can sometimes be awkward. For example, when the water is shallow, you may bang your hands on the bottom of the pool while you swim. It's more of a freeing feeling to swim when the water around you is deep, so a pool that is a consistent depth all the way across can be a better choice for a lap swimmer.

No Children

If you have children or grandchildren, a shallow end is a must. This is a place where the kids will stand and play when they're in the pool. It's possible, however, that you don't expect that any children will use your pool. Maybe you're elderly and your grandchildren are old enough that they can swim comfortably in the deep end. Or, maybe you're a young adult and you don't plan to have any children. If you can't foresee children being in your pool, you may enjoy having it deep from one end to the other.

Frequent Jumping

Jumping and diving into the water are activities that many people enjoy. Even if swimming is a priority to you, you might have fun repeatedly jumping or diving into the water whenever you go for a swim. If you have family members and friends who also feel this way, an in-ground pool that lacks a shallow end can be a good choice. For example, you'll all be able to jump into the pool at the same time safely because you can spread out along the pool deck, rather than all cram around the deep end. Talk to your pool company about a new pool without a shallow end or a small shallow end.

For more information, reach out to a pool construction company.  


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