Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

In-Ground Pool Equipment Choices For Your Custom Design And Features

Irene Montgomery

Custom in-ground pool designs often include special features. These might be things for filtration, water features, or other elements of an in-ground pool design. Sometimes, these features need to have the equipment to work. The following in-ground pool design information will help you choose the right equipment for these features:

Water Treatment for Natural Designs

Natural pool designs have become a trend in in-ground pool construction. Even though they use a natural filtration process, they need to have treatment systems. These systems include additional pumps and a filtration medium to filter particles from the water. You may want to use a UV treatment system, which uses ultraviolet light to kill excess bacteria and organisms found in the water. This will ensure your natural pool design is clean and effective.

Equipment for In-ground Pool Slides

Slides are another option to consider adding equipment for your custom pool design. In-ground pools give you a lot of options to add slides to the design. If you want a slide to be more functional and safe, it will also need its own equipment. The slide will need small outlets and an inlet with a pump. This will allow the slide to be coated with water when the system is turned on. The flowing water will cool down the surface and be easier to slide down for summer fun.

Extra Equipment for Water Features

There are also extra water features that can be added to the design of your pool. The water features may include things like waterfalls or streams as part of a natural filtration system. These features are going to require special pumps that keep the water flowing. Smaller solar-powered pumps can be added to the design to improve the flow of water and the appearance of these design features.

Pool Heaters for Longer Seasons and Hot Tubs

If you want to have a longer season to use your pool, then it will need a pool heater. Today, there are options for gas and electric pool heaters. Gas pool heaters are more effective and efficient, which is why they are often used for pool designs that include hot tub features. Adding a heater can be a great investment if you want to be able to use your pool more frequently or add a hot tub to the custom design.

An in-ground pool is a lot more than just the design. Contact an in-ground pool builder to discuss these options for your pool design and the equipment you will need.


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