Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

Common Swimming Pool Problems Symptoms That Are Signs Of A Serious Issue

Irene Montgomery

Being a pool owner is always filled with excitement. You get to own something that is both enjoyable and relaxing but also expensive at the same time. Some common swimming pool problems symptoms can be considered signs of a serious problem. These should not be ignored because they can become expensive. Here are some examples:

Pool Leaks and Damaged Surfaces

Over time, pool chemicals can react with one another, forming acids and other compounds that can stain or erode pool surfaces. It's best to prevent chemical imbalance. A chemical imbalance can be caused accidentally by overdosing or adding the wrong chemicals, or by using an improper chemical balance. In addition, water hardness can leave behind minerals in the water that affect the quality and cause cloudiness.

Issues with Pool Equipment

Pools are expensive, and they require regular maintenance. This comes in the form of filter cleaning, vacuuming, and, in summer, chlorine treatments. But pools, like all mechanical systems, can break down. Here are some common problems with pool equipment and how to tell if they're serious:

  • Filters—Pool filters fall into one of two categories: sand or cartridge. Sand filters have replaceable sand and need to be backwashed periodically. Cartridge filters have filters in a cartridge and require replacement cartridges. Both should be checked periodically for dirt and debris, especially cartridge filters.
  • Pumps—A pump is the heart of your pool. It's what keeps the water circulating through the filtration system. If you're having problems with the pump, check the pressure switch on the motor. If it trips, it's a sign of a bad pump impeller.
  • Heater—For pools in colder climates, a heater is essential. If the heater is malfunctioning, the water may become too hot, which will create problems for your skin and eyes. Generally, you can check the pump, filters, and heater as part of your weekly pool maintenance.
  • Chemicals—Pools use chemicals to keep the water clean and safe. Depending on the type of pool, you may need to add chlorine, pH balancers, acid, and algaecides, among others. These chemicals can build up and stain the plaster surface, so it's important to test the water regularly.
  • Circulation—This refers to the movement of water in your pool. Every pool has a pump, which circulates the water. Another component, called a skimmer, collects debris and old water before it flows to the pool filtering system. When these systems fail and circulation is reduced, it can cause other problems with equipment.
  • Lighting— A pool can be beautiful at night if it's well-lit. A poorly lit pool is no fun at all. But pool lighting can also create problems. A poorly positioned light can cast shadows on parts of the pool, creating a dangerous hazard. Therefore, the lights and electrical wiring of your pool might need occasional repairs if you use them at night.

The various issues with pool equipment can cause serious damage to the pool and make maintenance more difficult to keep up with.

Preventing problems will save you time, money and ensure your pool stays clean and safe. Contact a pool service to deal with these common problems before they become serious, expensive issues. For morr information, contact a pool service company in your area.


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