Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

  • How To Identify Pool Leaks And Damage Due To The Cold Winter Weather

    One of the problems that you may have with your pool when you get ready to open it is damage due to winter weather and leaks. These problems can sometimes go unnoticed, so it is often a good idea to inspect your pool and equipment occasionally for leaks and damage. The following guide will help you determine if there are leaks or other winter damage to plumbing and equipment:  The Bucket Test to Tell If the Problem Is Evaporation or a More Serious Problem with Leaks  

  • 4 Money-Saving Tips For Building A New Pool

    Building an in-ground pool is a dream for many homeowners. What better way to spend a hot summer day than relaxing in your very own pool? Of course, in-ground pools don't come cheap; with excavation and construction costs, it's not uncommon for even a basic in-ground pool to cost tens of thousands of dollars. And while specific pricing will vary from region to region, there are some universal tips you can follow to save on your pool costs up front and down the road.

  • Reasons You Shouldn't Drain Your Pool For Repairs

    Your inground pool is getting older, suffered damage, and needs some attention from a professional. You might assume that to allow the professionals to do their job, you need to drain the pool completely. Unfortunately, if you drain the pool without first speaking with the pool maintenance expert, you will discover that you wasted time, water, and put your pool and family in danger. Here are a few of the many reasons why you should think twice about draining your inground pool before any repairs.

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Adding Value to My Home

My husband and I are considering selling our small brick home in the near future. While we’ve completed some work on this house recently, we know we will need to do a few more things before we put it on the market. For instance, we need to replace some of the flooring, paint some of the walls, and replace some of the siding on the front porch. In addition, we may want to add a pool to the backyard. Because we live in the hot southern United States, many of our neighbors have pools. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of pools to install in a home you may sell in the near future. Enjoy!