Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

Reasons You Shouldn't Drain Your Pool For Repairs

Irene Montgomery

Your inground pool is getting older, suffered damage, and needs some attention from a professional. You might assume that to allow the professionals to do their job, you need to drain the pool completely. Unfortunately, if you drain the pool without first speaking with the pool maintenance expert, you will discover that you wasted time, water, and put your pool and family in danger.

Here are a few of the many reasons why you should think twice about draining your inground pool before any repairs.

The Cost of Emptying and Refilling the Inground Pool

No matter what the size of your pool, it is filled with hundreds or thousands of gallons of water. All this pool water needs to go somewhere, which is why many dump it into a nearby sewer or allow it to drain naturally off their property in a nearby water source. In addition to being potentially illegal, this can pollute your groundwater.

Now that your pool is empty, it will need to be refilled. If you live in an area with water restrictions, it is actually illegal to refill your pool. Even if it isn't illegal, the cost to refill your pool will be substantial.

Potential Damage From a Lack of Water

When your pool was constructed, the ground was disturbed to create a frame. The final step is to place a liner in the shell. The weight of the water is what keeps the pool liner from becoming damaged, cracking, or even become detached.

If the groundwater levels are higher than the pool's liner, it can cause the liner to actually float to the pool's top. To properly drain a pool, there is specialized equipment and testing that must occur to ensure the groundwater levels remain consistent and the liner doesn't float. In extreme cases, the liner can crack and must be completely replaced.

Fall Risk for Pets and Family 

Finally, if you're like most families, the backyard is the place where your kids have fun with their friends and your pets get their exercise. Unfortunately, if you drain your pool, you leave your children, their friends, and your dog open to a potential fall. In addition to the pain, suffering and medical bills for your kids or other family members, a neighbor or parent could file a lawsuit, if they fall into your empty pool and are injured.

If your pool needs repairs, talk to your pool maintenance company like Clear Pools Maintenance Inc. before draining any water.


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