Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

How To Identify Pool Leaks And Damage Due To The Cold Winter Weather

Irene Montgomery

One of the problems that you may have with your pool when you get ready to open it is damage due to winter weather and leaks. These problems can sometimes go unnoticed, so it is often a good idea to inspect your pool and equipment occasionally for leaks and damage. The following guide will help you determine if there are leaks or other winter damage to plumbing and equipment: 

The Bucket Test to Tell If the Problem Is Evaporation or a More Serious Problem with Leaks  

The most common cause of water loss in your pool is evaporation, which is something that can be confused with leaks. To determine if the water loss is caused by leaks or evaporation, you will want to use a bucket and put it in the pool. Fill it up to the water level of your pool and leave it for a day. If there is a higher level of water in the bucket than in your pool, this means that there is a leak and it is not just evaporation during hot weather or sunny days.  

Problems with Damaged Pipes That Leak and Cause Damage to Your Pool  

Another area where you may lose water is due to damaged pipes. This is something that often goes unnoticed because the damage that is happening is not visible. Therefore, you want to occasionally have the pipes inspected for damage and leaks that can cause serious problems with your pool if they are left unrepaired and get worse.  

Damaged Pool Equipment That Is Causing Leaks and Water Loss Problems  

The pool equipment of your pool is another area where you may have to deal with the damage. The pool equipment may be damaged due to wear, winter weather, or other problems. When you do routine pool maintenance, backwash the filter and let the area dry. Come back a couple of days later to see if there are signs of moisture where there should not be water, which could be a sign of a more serious leak problem.  

Problems with Punctured Liners and Damaged Pool Surfaces Causing Water Loss Problems  

Another problem that you will have to deal with when it comes to pools is punctures in liners. This is something that can be caused by objects and use during the summer months. Look for obvious signs of punctures like bubbling and deformation of the liner. In addition, if you have other types of pool surfaces, look for damage that may be a sign of leaks.  

This is what you should do to determine if your pool leaks are causing problems. If you need help with finding leaks that need to be repaired, contact a pool leak detection service to help locate leaks and stop problems.  


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