Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

Fiberglass Swimming Pools: Should You Get One For Your Home?

Irene Montgomery

Are you ready to finally install a swimming pool in your yard, and you're debating on the type of material you want the pool made from? Your typical options are to use fiberglass, cement, or a pool liner. If you are stuck on making a decision, it will help to know the following things about fiberglass pools before you make a final decision.

The Shape

A fiberglass pool is unique from other pools because of how you pick the shape. Concrete and vinyl pool liners let you create any shape of a pool that you want; the limit is your imagination. However, a fiberglass pool is quite different. The pools come in various shapes in sizes, but you essentially pick the one that you want out of a catalog. These fiberglass pools are manufactured off-site and brought to your home to cut down on the cost, so what you see is what you get. While there are options for custom fiberglass pools, they are more expensive and may be out of your price range.

The Size

Since fiberglass pools are made off-site, there is a limit to how big the pool can be. The shell of the pool must be big enough to transport to your home due to logistical limitations, such as fitting it on a flatbed truck. This means that fiberglass pools tend to be more long and narrow, and are limited in how deep they can be. You may not be able to find a fiberglass pool that is deep enough to have a proper diving board.

The Maintenance

Of all the pool materials, fiberglass is going to have the least amount of maintenance among the three. This is because the pool comes as a solid shell, so you don't have to worry about patching holes in the material like you would with concrete or vinyl. The smooth surface of the fiberglass even makes it easier to clean, since you don't have to worry about dirt and algae getting stuck so the surface like you would with cement. 

The Install Time

One thing you may not realize about cement is that the installation can take a long time. It's not just about the installation of the concrete itself, but the time for the cement to cure until you can fill the pool with water. It adds additional weeks to the installation. Fiberglass pools are ready to use soon after installation. You just need to get the filtration system hooked up and you'll be good to go. 

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