Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

Preparing Your Swimming Pool For The Winter Months

Irene Montgomery

Failing to effectively maintain your swimming pool will have the capability of causing you to have to spend considerable amounts on repair costs while also being unable to use the pool until this work is completed. While swimming pools can be relatively simple to maintain, there are several mistakes that you will want to make a proactive attempt at avoiding.

Letting The Skimmer Baskets Become Too Full

The skimmer baskets will have the important role of intercepting the larger debris that could be floating in the pool water. By removing this debris before it is able to make it into the pump, you can prevent clogs and jams from stopping the circulation of the water or burning out the pump motor. Unfortunately, people will often fail to keep these baskets emptied, which can allow them to become fairly full. This can lead to these baskets becoming obstructed, which can prevent them from supplying the pump with enough water to function correctly. It can also lead to some of these materials potentially being able to make it into the pump by being forced through the grates in the skimmer basket.

Failing To Remove Algae From The Walls Of The Pool

The sides and bottom of your pool will need to be periodically scrubbed. This scrubbing will prevent algae and other materials from growing in the pool. Unfortunately, this is one of the more labor-intensive parts of maintaining a pool, but it is vital to do it regularly. Otherwise, the water quality could drop significantly, and the bottom of the pool may become dangerously slick for those walking on it. A professional swimming pool maintenance provider will be able to offer you assistance with scrubbing the liner of the pool so these substances can be removed.

Improper Winterization

The freezing temperatures that the winter months can bring will be enough to potentially cause significant damage to your swimming pool system. The water can freeze in the lines to the pump and the pump itself. If this occurs, the pressure of the expanding ice can rupture critical components. During the winterization process, it can be common for pool owners to miss simple but important steps that may compromise their pool. In particular, new swimming pool owners can be extremely prone to these issues, such as failing to adjust the pH of the pool's water. Swimming pool maintenance providers will be well-versed in the type of winterization work that a pool will need to safely make it through the winter.

Contact a pool contractor if you ned help with swimming pool maintenance.


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