Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

Reasons To Get A Fiberglass Pool

Irene Montgomery

Having a swimming pool in your house offers you the convenience of taking a dip or holding poolside events whenever you want to. Various pool types are available, including concrete pools usually present in most homes. While concrete pools are good options, consider installing a fiberglass pool. Fiberglass pools, if installed correctly by a professional fiberglass pool builder, offer numerous benefits. Here are the reasons for getting a fiberglass swimming pool.

Fast Installation

The complexity of your pool influences the installation speed of a fiberglass pool builder. Generally, concrete pools take longer to install, especially if they're inground. Pool contractors have to build the foundation, pour concrete, and leave it to set for some time. Additionally, the weather conditions can interfere with the installation process of concrete pools. For instance, if the weather is rainy, pool construction may halt to avoid weakening the foundation. Such delays may extend the construction period by months. Fortunately, fiberglass swimming pools come ready to install. Therefore, the construction may take a few days.


Fiberglass is a flexible material that can withstand extreme stretching due to ground movements. This protects your fiberglass pool against cracks and damages when an earthquake occurs, or there's ground disturbance due to activities such as stump removal or excavation. Note that other construction materials like concrete are prone to cracks and require frequent repairs. The flexible nature of fiberglass protects your pool's longevity while avoiding repair expenses.

Easy Maintenance

Fiberglass is non-porous, so water doesn't seep through the pool surface. Remember that when water seeps through the pool surface, this may encourage algae and mold growth. Algae are unattractive and may also threaten the health of pool users when they release spores, which are allergens. Therefore, you must invest in algae or mold removal processes, which are complicated and costly. Fiberglass pools prevent mold and algae growth, making pool maintenance more manageable.

Chemical Resistance

Adding chlorine or salt to your pool water is essential to kill germs in the water. However, these chemicals may cause the abrasion of concrete pool surfaces. Thus, you may need to re-carpet your pool often, adding to the maintenance cost of your pool. Fiberglass pools are chemical resistant and will not react with chemicals. Therefore, you can maintain the purity of your pool water while ensuring that the fiberglass pool surface remains intact.

The common reasons for installing a fiberglass pool include easy maintenance, chemical resistance, fast installation, and flexibility. Consider hiring a fiberglass pool builder for these reasons.


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