Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

You Have Choices In Pool Fences, But They Must Be Built To Comply With Safety Codes

Irene Montgomery

If you're building an inground pool in your backyard, you may be required to install a pool fence too. Local codes or your insurance company may require a fence, and even if they don't, a fence is a good idea since it keeps your kids safe and your pets out of the pool. Here are some options in pool fences you might like to consider.

Glass Fence

A tempered glass fence is an attractive option for a pool fence. The fence is made of clear glass panels that are bolted to the pool deck. If you want to enjoy the sight of your pool, then a glass fence is a good option since it obstructs your view the least. Since the panels are solid, your pets and kids can't get through, over, or around the fence, so you know they will be safe around your pool.

Vinyl Or Aluminum

Both vinyl and aluminum fencing are ideal for use around pools since they tolerate the humidity and splashing. Unlike wood fencing that needs a lot of care and can rot, vinyl and aluminum don't need much care. You'll probably want to see through the fence so you can keep an eye on your pool, so fencing with the pickets spaced apart is a good choice.

However, it's important to know that pool fencing has to be built to code. There are regulations that control the spacing of pickets, the height of the fence, and other details. The regulations are in place so your pool fence can't provide footholds for kids to use to climb over the fence and so they can't slip between the pickets. Both vinyl and aluminum are attractive, so your choice may depend on the style and color you like best.

Wood Fencing

If you want a classic fence, then you may prefer wood over all the other options. If you want privacy while you swim, a wood privacy fence might be ideal. Your contractor might build it so you have complete privacy on three sides and have a more open view on the side the faces your house so you can keep an eye on your pool.

There may be special considerations when building a wood privacy fence since codes require a pool fence that can't be climbed. The contractor has to make sure there are no footholds on the fence when planning the design. However, if you want to lounge in your pool or swim at night and not worry about neighbors watching you, then a privacy fence made from wood would be an excellent choice if you don't mind the extra maintenance wood requires.


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