Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

Getting Ready For Summer With Hot Tubs And Designing Outdoor Spaces For A Spa Installation

Irene Montgomery

As summer gets closer, you may be thinking about adding a spa to your outdoor spaces. There are several things to consider for the design of the space and the type of hot tub you have installed. The hot tub can be recessed or a deck and skirt can surround it. There are also options like the size, jets, and power consumption. The following hot tub installation ideas are some things you may want to consider to get ready for summer.

Recessed or Above-Ground Hot Tubs — There are a couple of different options for installing a hot tub. First, recessed hot tubs can be a great alternative to a conventional pool. These can be installed beneath the surface of surrounding landscaping and have all the features. Recessed hot tubs benefit from holding thermal energy better because they are protected beneath the soil's surface. A popular option is to install an above-ground model with a skirt, which can also have features like a custom deck.

Choosing the Size and Features for Your Spa — Next, you are going to want to consider the size of the spa and the features you want. Today, there are a few options for the size and style of the hot tub. The first is the conventional models that have seating for several people and some special massage jet features. There are also swim/spa models, which are larger and designed for swimming and hydromassage. The swimming models are usually longer and may have features like special current jets that allow you to use them for swimming.

Hot Tub Skirt and Deck Area Features — Some of the most important features of your hot tub are the skirt and deck that are installed around the spa. If you are installing a recessed model, you do not have to worry about the skirt, but you may want to have custom features for the deck around the hot tub. If you are installing a model with a skirt, you want to make sure the panel is insulated and may also want to insulate equipment to improve efficiency. You may want to build a custom deck around the hot tub, which can include additional features like a showerhead, seating, and built-in wood privacy screen panels. These designs will help you get more from your investment in a spa with practical features.

The addition of a spa can be a great option for your outdoor spaces before summer. Contact a hot tub dealer to start planning your project before the weather changes.


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Adding Value to My Home

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