Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

Tips for Getting a Quote for Pool Cleaning Services

Irene Montgomery

If you are a pool owner, you might know that working with a pool cleaning service can be a good idea. Then, you can make sure that your pool is nice and clean, and you won't have to worry about doing all of the work yourself. However, you might be a bit curious about how much pool cleaning services are going to cost. If this is something that you are worried about, then you may want to call a few pool cleaning services to get quotes. These tips can help you with getting quotes for pool cleaning services.

Determine Which Services You Want

The first decision you will need to make is the level of service that you are looking for from your pool cleaning service. Some people want someone to perform a thorough, deep cleaning, while others only need help with certain tasks. Some need help with adjusting chemical levels in their pools or shutting their pools down for the winter. Decide now what types of services you want to make use of. Then, you will know what to ask for when you are calling around and getting quotes for pool cleaning services.

Determine How Often You Want Services

Some people prefer to have someone come and clean out their pool once a week, while others are happy cleaning in-between and simply want someone to come out once a month. Some companies offer different pricing structures depending on how often their customers make use of their cleaning services, so this might be something that you will want to decide beforehand, too.

Provide Specific Information About Your Pool

The professional that you speak to from a pool cleaning company might not be able to give you a quote for services without knowing a little more information about your pool. The type of pool you own can impact pricing. The size of your pool can obviously impact pricing as well since you will obviously typically have to pay more to have a bigger pool cleaned than if you were having a smaller pool cleaned.

Even the shape of your pool can have an impact since it sometimes costs more to have a shaped pool cleaned than to have a rectangular pool cleaned since the job can take longer. Therefore, you will probably want to provide measurements and details about the shape and type of pool that you have if you want to get the most accurate quote possible and if you want to ensure that your pool cleaning crew is prepared for the job when they arrive.


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