Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

Before Closing Your Pool: Safety Cover Installation Information For Safer Outdoor Areas

Irene Montgomery

When it is time to close your pool for the winter months, you want to make sure your outdoor areas are safe. Your pool needs to have the appropriate safety cover installed. There is information that you may want to know before installing a safety cover for your pool this year. Here are some of the things that you should know about different pool safety cover installation options:

Choosing the type of safety cover system

When it comes to pool safety covers, there are different types of systems that can be installed for your cover. These can be automatic covers, safety covers with anchor points, or partial pool enclosure systems. You will need to choose the type of safety cover that will be the best for the needs of your pool. If you want to use the cover all year, a partial enclosure is a great option. You also have the option for automatic covers that will protect your pool throughout the summer months when it is open.

Make sure your safety cover is installed with anchor points

The right anchor points for your pool safety cover are important. Today, modern pool deck surfacing may be rubber or other safety materials that are not sturdy enough to anchor the cover. Therefore, you may want to have concrete block feet installed with the gromets that the safety cover is attached to when your pool is closed during the winter months.

Adding custom padding and other safety features to your pool cover

There are also additional features that you may want to have for your pool area. Some of the extra features like waterfalls, grottos, and spa areas may also need to be covered during the winter months. These areas can be covered with custom covers and padding that help to keep them safe when your pool area is closed.

Choosing the types of materials that your pool safety cover is made from

There are also different materials to choose from for your pool safety cover. These materials can be impermeable vinyl-like covers that keep rainwater out of the pool, or they can be mesh cover materials that allow water to fill the pool but keep large debris out of the water. If you use the mesh-style covers, your pool may require some maintenance during winter weather and will need thorough cleaning when you open it in spring.

These are the things that you will want to know before you have a pool safety cover installed this year. Contact a pool safety cover installation service for help choosing the right covers for your pool area before you close the pool for winter.


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