Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

Three Common Swimming Pool Problems

Irene Montgomery

A backyard swimming pool is a luxurious addition to any home. The ability to go for a swim whenever you want is a powerful draw. However, swimming pools must be properly maintained. Here are three common swimming pool problems that can be fixed by a swimming pool repair service:

1. Surface Cracks

Surface cracks are the most common type of swimming pool crack. These cracks can occur if something heavy hits the bottom of your pool. As the name suggests, surface cracks typically affect the outermost surface of your swimming pool. These cracks are largely cosmetic. However, you should still have them fixed since they can encourage algae to gather. A swimming pool repair technician can fix surface cracks using a patch, in the case of pools with concrete shells. If you have a pool lined with tile, your repair technician will need to replace the cracked tiles.

2. Structural Cracks

Structural cracks can also occur. Typically, structural cracks occur due to shifting in the earth beneath in-ground pools. Structural cracks often look deeper than their surface-level counterparts. You can tell you have a structural crack if you notice the water level in your pool sinking over time because this type of crack often causes leaks. A structural crack must be repaired as soon as possible to stop your leaking problem.

A repair person may be able to fix a structural crack by injecting cement epoxy into it. Industrial staples made from rebar can also help to close the crack. However, if the damage is severe, more significant construction may be required. In some cases, you will need to have the damaged section of your pool torn out and rebuilt.

3. Cloudy Or Dirty Water

Your pool filter does an important job. It keeps debris and algae out of your pool so you can enjoy a safe swimming experience. If you notice dirty, cloudy water, it may be time to change your pool filter. If this problem keeps recurring, your pool filter may be insufficient for your circumstances. People who live in areas with a high pollen count or those with trees overhanging their pool may notice that their pool gets dirty more quickly. You may need to have your pool filtration system replaced with a more powerful system to keep it clean. A swimming pool repair team can upgrade your pool filter so you can start enjoying clear, pure water.

If you notice these or any other issues with your pool, contact a swimming pool repair team.


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