Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

The Spa Care Guide to Keep Your Hot Tub Clean and Well Maintained All Summer

Irene Montgomery

Even though the weather is getting warmer, you are probably still going to be using your hot tub. Therefore, you are going to need to do the right maintenance to keep it clean and ensure it is ready when you want to use it. The following spa care guide will help you keep your hot tub well-maintained all summer.

Know When to Filter the Spa

The spa needs to run and be filtered just like a pool does, but the filtering cannot be done every time the spa is turned on. Therefore, you want to know when to filter your spa and schedule filtering for times when it is not being used. If you use your spa frequently during the summer months, you will want to filter the water regularly to keep it clean.

Use the Hot Tub Modes Correctly

The spa has different modes, which control the jets, temperature, and filtration. You want to read the owners' manual and know how to use these different modes. It is especially important to know how to turn it to filtration mode to filter the water and care for your spa. To ensure the treatments are being effective, the filter mode needs to be used whenever you are adding chemicals and doing maintenance.

Add the Right Spa Chemical Treatments

The chemicals that you use in your hot tub are different than those that you use in a pool. These are special treatments to keep the water clean and free of organisms. Therefore, you want to make sure that the treatments you use are formulated for hot tubs. Add a weekly treatment and remove the cover a few times a week when you are not using the spa to allow vapor to escape.

Routinely Inspect Your Spa Equipment

Each time you use your hot tub, you should also inspect the equipment. Adjust the temperature, turn on the jets, and check for problems with outlets and the drain. It is a good idea to have minor problems repaired by a spa service before they get worse and cause serious damage to the hot tub.

Schedule Spa Care Services to Revise Systems

You should have the hot tub serviced at least a couple of times throughout the summer. You want to schedule maintenance for your spa to ensure all the mechanical components and filtration systems are working. This spa maintenance routine will help you catch and repair problems before they cause serious damage and ensure that you are able to use your spa all summer.

These are some of the things that you will want to do to keep your spa well-maintained all summer. If you need help with caring for your hot tub this summer, contact spa services in your area for help with maintenance and repairs to ensure it is ready when you need to relax.


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