Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

3 Essential Improvements That You Will Want To Do When Opening Your Pool

Irene Montgomery

Soon, it is going to be time to open your pool. While, the process of opening your pool may be a series of basic steps, there are also some improvements to consider. With things like a solar water heater or new filtration system, you can get more out of your pool. Improvements like a chlorine dispenser or automatic cover can also make maintenance easier. Here are some of the essential improvements that you may want to consider when you get ready to open your pool this summer:

1. Installing An Automatic Cover To Reduce Maintenance

One of the biggest chores that you may have to keep your pool clean is fishing debris out. This is often wind-blown debris that comes from trees. To prevent this problem, you can add an automated cover. The cover can be used all year and allow you to close the pool when there is more of a risk for wind-blown debris contaminating the water. This is especially useful when nearby trees are pollinating, which can cause water to turn green and algae to grow quickly.

2. Add A Solar Water Heater For A Longer Swimming Season And Comfort

Water temperature is important and cold swims are not that fun. This is why you may want to consider adding a solar water heater to provide heating for your pool. This is an affordable an energy efficient way to keep your pool warm, even during cooler days. The solar water heater can also help to extend the swimming season, allowing you to enjoy your pool into the early fall when many other pools are closing due to the water being too cold.

3. Chlorine Dispensers And Filtration Improvements That Make Maintenance Easier

Keeping the chemical levels in your pool just right is another difficult task that you will be doing all summer. To make this task easier, there are chlorine dispensers that can automate this task. The floating dispensers are affordable but do not do the best job at chlorinating your pool. Instead, talk to a pool service about installing a dispenser with your filtration, which will evenly distribute the chlorine in the water as it is needed. In addition, you may want to consider updating your filter if you have an old cartridge system.

These are some of the improvements that you will want to consider if you are looking for improvements to your pool this summer. For more information, contact Pettis Pools & Patio or a similar company.


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