Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

Designing A Pool With Elderly Relatives In Mind

Irene Montgomery

Having access to a private swimming pool can be exciting. If you want to add a pool to your property, it can be beneficial to think about everyone who will be using the pool during the design process. If you have a lot of elderly relatives and friends that would enjoy spending some time in the water, you should take the special needs of these swimmers into consideration as you design your pool.

Here are three design features that can make your swimming pool more user-friendly for the aging loved ones in your life.

1. Choose a decking material that will provide a non-slip surface.

The decking material that you will install around your swimming pool can have a significant effect on how safe your pool is for elderly relatives to use. Since older people are more prone to falls, providing a non-slip surface for them to walk on will help you eliminate potential injuries.

Rubber decking is a great option for your pool design because not only will it provide traction on a surface that will likely be covered with water, but rubber can also provide a softer landing than cement or other decking materials in the event your aging loved one does slip and fall while walking around your pool.

2. Eliminate stairs leading into and out of your pool.

When designing your private swimming pool, you should take the time to consider how accessible the water will be for your aging relatives. Pool stairs can be difficult for senior citizens to navigate, so eliminating stairs and incorporating a beach entry in your pool's design can be beneficial.

Beach entries gently slope into the water, eliminating the need for steep stairs that could serve as a source of injury for the elderly. In addition to providing safe access to the water, incorporating a beach entry into your pool's design can also make your private pool more aesthetically pleasing.

3. Include deep water in your pool design.

If you really want to allow your private pool to serve as a space that can be beneficial for your aging loved ones, be sure that your pool's design features a deep end. Deeper water gives senior citizens the ability to participate in water aerobic activities, which can be beneficial in helping the elderly maintain their health.

Exercising in the water reduces the amount of stress placed on the joints, making your private pool the perfect spot for your older relatives to get in a workout. Including deep water in your pool's design will make your finished swimming area more useful in the future.

Taking the time to design your pool with your elderly relatives in mind ensures that the whole family will be able to enjoy playing in your private pool in the future. For further assistance, contact a local outlet, such as Elite Pools and Spas.


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