Adding Value to My Home

Adding Value to My Home

Spa Safety 101: The Rules Of Keeping Your Children Safe

Irene Montgomery

There is nothing more soothing than sinking into a spa at the end of a tiring day, but even just a spa can be a dangerous thing when you have little ones. Of course, it is always a necessity that you never leave children unattended in the spa, but there are other safety rules to keep in mind as well. To make sure that your kids stay safe around your spa, there are safety rules that must be followed. Here are a few that you should keep in mind to make sure your spa is less of a safety hazard when you have children in the home.

Make sure your spa has a drain cover.

When the drain is left open, the suction can be enough to pull small children below the surface of the water and may even be strong enough to hold them there or entangle their clothing. Talk to your spa service professional to make sure that your spa has an adequate drain cover that will prevent this from being an issue. Most modern spas are already fitted with drain covers that are approved by the Pool and Spa Safety Act, but older spas may not and will need to be retrofitted.

Install a fence or gate around your spa.

It is not uncommon for a spa to be situated right on a back porch or patio where it would be easily accessed by a child who slips outside unnoticed. Even if your spa is arranged on your patio or back porch, it is best if it has a protective fence or gate around it. The fence or gate should have either a safety latch that your little ones cannot operate or a lock that can only be opened with a key. Additionally, the safety gate should be a substantial height to prevent a child from being able to climb over.

Install a lockable spa cover.

Keeping a cover on your spa is a must to conserve energy and keep the heated water hot, but you can also invest in child-proof spa covers that actually lock in place. This is an incredibly important feature to have if you have little ones because they will not be able to open the cover on their own. Check with your spa supply store for a locking spa cover, which may utilize either latches or actual locks that must be opened with a key. Visit for more information.     


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